BBC Music Awards as they happened

The BBC’s budget Brits entered their second year with a line-up of pop’s hottest new properties, including Faithless and Rod Stewart. And, of course, James Bay and his Trademark Hat

9.59pm GMT

Thank you for reading. I can set aside my loathing of this broadcast, my loathing of myself, and you can set aside your loathing of me for having spent two hours being sarcastic about a terrible TV show. We can all get on with our lives and go and do something less depressing instead.

9.57pm GMT

He obviously he said that if he was going to turn up for this he was damn well going to play last and he was going to get two songs. Nice to hear that Steve Sidwell’s got a career outside football conducting the BBC Concert Orchestra, too. I wish Rod had picked something other than Sailing for his second song,

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