50 years of Jackanory: what the TV show gave to me and other authors

On the 50th anniversary of Jackanory, Frank Cottrell Boyce on the massive impact of listening to Rik Mayall, Kenneth Williams and others read out loud on TV

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Long, long ago, when the world wasn’t digital and there were only three channels on TV, there was a show called Jackanory. It seemed a simple little show - a grown-up sat in a peacock chair and read a story straight off the autocue, into the camera.

But when I mentioned to Twitter that it was the 50th anniversary of that show, my timeline glowed with nostalgia. “School often made me anxious,” said @L_BuckleyArcher, “snuggling up with marmite on toast and Jackanory made me feel safe and happy.” @Nicolakidsbooks said just hearing the theme tune made was enough to make her purr.

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