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Book Review – Rise of The Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book

Martin Carr reviews Rise of The Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book…

This coffee table tome is reminiscent of those fancy photographic bibles produced by Taschen. Off limits to those who deemed themselves uncultured enough for a surreptitious browse. Something which Titan have thankfully sidestepped, whilst retaining the quality and discarding that highbrow elitism.

To label this book exhaustive is doing those behind it a disservice. Because Messrs Adams, Horton and Hughes have given large chunks of time and talent over to Lara Croft’s continued resurrection. There is a passion which pours through the prose, that at once sounds clichéd yet surprisingly honest. Which has the benefit of giving us an idea of how elements evolve over time. Not that anyone would be naïve enough to think such technically ground breaking games happen overnight. But as co-authors Andy McVittie and Paul Davies wax lyrical about the evolution Lara undergoes.

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