Grimm season 5 episode 6 review: Wesen Nacht




Grimm is the latest Us fantasy show to drop a mid-season finale shocker on its fans...

This review contains spoilers.

5.6 Wesen Nacht

The Biest is back!

Thankfully we experience a welcome return to form for our favourite fairytale-based detective series this week. There was heaps of exposition, plenty of pace and a midseason finale shocker that will, no doubt, leave some fans wailing and gnashing their teeth over the winter break.

With Trubel safely back under Nick’s roof we finally discover more details about the shady government organisation with which she’s been working …for an entire year! Yes, we find out that after Trubel left for Philadelphia with Josh she was recruited to a government agency so secretive that not even the government knows much about it. So for the past twelve months she has been acting as a secret agent, fighting an “underground war

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