‘Neverboy’ is quite literally full of imagination

Neverboy #1-6 (2015)

Written by Shaun Simon

Art by Tyler Jenkins

Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letters by Nate Piekos

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Remember your imaginary friend from childhood? How did you leave them? Did you grow older and forget about them? Decide that imaginary friends were for babies? Did they find ways into your works?

Now what do you think would have happened to them if you had died?

That’s approximately where the story of Neverboy begins.

Neverboy is the story of an imaginary friend of the same name who was created by a boy named Sam. After Sam’s death, Neverboy creates a life for himself by creating a family and taking drugs to keep himself in reality. Naturally, this annoys the Ministry of Imagination, but it gets much worse when he meets a down on his luck artist named Julian Drag who’s looking for nothing but inspiration.

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