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Less-known Christmas movies: Home And Alone For Christmas




Our hunt for overlooked Christmas films? Well, we thought it was a Home Alone film we didn't know about. Turned out it wasn't...

I was wary the moment I opened the package from Den of Geek and saw the words Home And Alone For Christmas staring back at me. I’m a big fan of the original Home Alone films, the ones starring Macaulay Culkin, but it’s a franchise that took a heck of a nosedive after he left, with a series of increasingly obnoxious-looking child actors being asked to recreate Culkin’s head-in-hands pose for the DVD box. So if Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist was bad, how bad was the film piggybacking on the franchise’s success going to be?

Despite promising some festive magic with its doesn’t-quite-work tagline ‘When all elf breaks loose’, Home And Alone For Christmas (original title 3 Day Test,

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