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Less-known Christmas movies: The Santa Incident




We continue our hunt for quality bargain basement Christmas films! The Santa Incident is not one!

The Santa Incident contains all of the necessary ingredients for a Christmas classic. Santa? Check. People who don't believe in Santa? Check. Doubters being won over by Santa's jolly benevolence? Check. Cute but mildly irritating kids? Check. Absentee father? Check. Over-worked single mother struggling to bring up her kids? Check. Santa being shot down by a military fighter jet and then being pursued by over-zealous Homeland security agents who want to kill him? Erm... check?

Moments after taking a side-winder to the face and being propelled skywards from his sleigh at a thousand miles an hour, Santa's unconscious bulk thuds down on the cold concrete of a working dock. A young brother and sister skipping school save Santa from having his head crushed by a gargantuan piece of machinery, whereupon he's

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