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‘A Frankenstein Story’ DVD Review

Stars: Jeremy Childs, Shelean Newman, Shannon Hoppe, David Alford, Isaac Disney, Flint Adam, Matt Arnold, Skye Arnold, Colleen Barton, Sydney Bell, Jeff Boyet | Written and Directed by Billy Senese

Dr. Victor Reed is a brilliant geneticist who has just achieved a huge scientific breakthrough by successfully cloning the first human being, an adorable baby girl named Elizabeth. This immediately becomes a media spectacle and ignites a firestorm of debate concerning the moral and religious implications of such a discovery. Soon, Dr. Reed and his family lose all sense of privacy and safety as they are swarmed by protesters and the media. Their biggest threat, however, could be Victor’s own secret.

A Frankenstein Story is a science fiction thriller of the creepiest kind. It explores the impact that cloning a human could have. It explores the moral, scientific and religious inpacts of such an action also what might happen if it all goes wrong.

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