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Tuesday’s best TV: Our School; Victorian Bakers; You Make Me Feel Like Dancing; Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch

Fly on the wall at a Birmingham secondary school; baking the authentic Victorian loaf; getting Britain jiving and foxtrotting again. Plus: the latest round of no-marks and hasbeens enters the Big Brother house

A second series of Educating Yorkshire for kids, in which a Birmingham secondary has fixed cameras fitted everywhere. The focus is Year 7, so viewers who are still at primary school can see what it’s like to have made the leap. We arrive in January, but there are pupils who are new: Archie has moved schools and needs coaching from his one friend, Spencer (“Be yourself, be cool”), while Easa is new to the UK and only speaks Arabic. It’s bright and informative, although introducing everyone in episode one slows things down a bit. Jack Seale

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