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‘Live-Evil’ Review

Stars: Charlene Amoia, Vladimir Kulich, Tony Todd, Vincent M. Ward, J. Richey Nash, Russell A. Bryan, Carter, Ira David Wood III, Tamara Farias, Jackson Prather, Karen Wheeling Reynolds, Ed Ricker | Written and Directed by Ari Kirschenbaum

Live-Evil. It’s Ghostbusters meets Dawn of the Dead caught in the Twilight Zone… When a small college town police station is besieged by “Evil” on a sleepy Halloween night, Pete, the sheriff, and Hancock, his loyal deputy, are thrown into the middle of holy chess-game that could destroy the town, and possibly the world.

When I started watching Live-Evil I thought it was great. I liked the strange artistic style, I liked the kooky, bass guitar riffs they had thumping in the background, I liked the main character Hancock (Charlene Amoia) who was the right level of badass and grumpy and I liked the way the film just dropped you in it, not

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