Berlin Film Festival Completes Lineup of Kids and Youth Films Section

London — The Berlin Film Festival’s kids and youth films section, Generation, has completed its lineup.

The films explore and challenge contradictions surrounding concepts of childhood, such as being child-like and being an adult, and what is forbidden and what is permitted, the festival said.

“Young people worldwide are constantly confronted by dystopic realities not of their own making,” Maryanne Redpath, head of Generation, said. “In the diverse films of this year’s program we see them taking matters into their own hands.”

A total of 63 feature-length and short films produced or co-produced in 35 countries have been invited to take part in the two competitions, Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus. The program was selected from around 2000 feature-length and short films submitted to Generation this year, which is more than in any year previously.

Generation 14plus

(Film descriptions courtesy of the Berlin Film Festival)

6A – Sweden

By Peter Modestij

Bullying, skipping school,

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