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The Night Shift box set review: Nordic telly isn’t all gloomy detectives, as this weird Icelandic sitcom shows

Three outcasts work in an all-night filling station, getting into hilarious scrapes under the moonlight – and slowly, the show’s underlying warmth reveals itself

A desolate petrol station in south-west Iceland might not seem like the ideal sitcom setting, but that’s one of the charms of Næturvaktin, or The Night Shift: its unlikeliness. Ragnar Bragason’s comedy, first aired on BBC4 four years ago, said cobblers to the theory that everyone on north European TV has to be a savant detective, and showed us that the colder regions that gave us Saga Norén and Sarah Lund also have a raucous sense of humour.

Each episode of The Night Shift opens with an Icelandic horoscope (“The world is full of dangers – always be on guard!”) before relaxing into something recognisable: three outcasts working in an all-night filling station. Each of them is trying desperately to pass for normal: there

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