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Daily | Sundance + Berlin 2016 | Andrew Neel’s Goat

"Brutal and harrowing as it is, there is something deeply sympathetic and sorrowful at work in director Andrew Neel’s frat hazing drama Goat," finds Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson. "Neel illustrates a world of homosocial bonding that is fueled by insecurity and anger, but he weaves in an affecting thread of pathos—we feel sorry for these boys as much as we revile them." The new feature starring Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas, Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty, Virginia Gardner, Jake Picking, Brock Yurich, Will Pullen, Austin Lyon, Eric Staves, Jamar Jackson and producer James Franco, is competing at Sundance—and we're gathering reviews. » - David Hudson

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