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Friday’s best TV: Pierre Boulez at the BBC; The Last Leg Goes Down Under; Music Moguls: Masters of Pop; Spin

Commemorative trawl through the BBC archive of the irascible French composer and conductor; comedians travel through the outback; PR in pop past and future; Plus: Anne Visage triumphs in the first-round vote

A commemorative trawl through the BBC archive of Pierre Boulez, who died on 5 January. The irascible French composer and conductor had a long relationship with the Beeb, including a stint in the 1970s as chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Performances here include Boulez conducting works by Debussy, Bartók and Stravinsky, as well as his own compositions, which endure as ghosts of Boulez himself, resoundingly iconoclastic and uncompromising. Andrew Mueller

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