10 Stephen King Stories That Need To Become TV Shows

© Brian Cahn/Zuma Press/Corbis

Across his career Stephen King has taken a cue from his own heroes (Richard Matheson and Hp Lovecraft), by always keeping his nib inked in the long and short story form – standing now as one of literature’s true masters in both of these writing styles.

In turn, his skills at putting together a scary tale are something that Hollywood and TV studios cottoned onto decades ago, churning out iterations of his stories, confident that they have the legs to stand up on screen.

The reason a lot of his adaptations collapse inwards like a nudged stack of dusty VHS cassettes is due to the way King writes, where he often creates a world, situation and sends us hurtling towards – usually – a dour, closed ending. The same goes for his shorts; as while most readers of this feature will agree that his best include the

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