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[DVD Review] Video Games Live: Level 2

Organized by Tommy Tallarico, a video game lover and music composer in the industry, Video Games Live: Level 2 is a loving tribute concert to some of the greatest and most iconic music to come out of the business. Unfortunately, not all games are created equal when it comes to musical accompaniment. Now, depending on which video games you grew up on and spent countless hours completing in the privacy of a dark room with your eyes and ears fixed on the glowing screen in front of you, you’ll have different songs ingrained in your memory as being “classic”. Video Games Live: Level 2 makes a fun little jab at the idea pointing out that the earliest gamers have less a soundtrack than they do a signature set of beeps, boops, and bloops. You don’t begrudge early games their simplistic soundscapes, but similarly you can’t deny that

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