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Watch: Full Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller 'Identicals' from Simon Pummell

"There's a better life waiting for us." Samuel Goldwyn Films has released an official trailer for the sci-fi psychological thriller called Identicals, from director Simon Pummell, and it looks pretty damn cool. At least, it has some amazingly cool visuals that I really dig. Is it actually a good film? Well, I don't really know, I'm not so sure. Starring Lachlan Nieboer, Nora-Jane Noone, Nick Blood, Tony Way, and Jacinta Mulcahy. The film, originally called Brand New-u, is about a futuristic company called Brand New-u that allows people to create a brand new life using other people known as "Identicals" as some kind of surrogate. Obviously, not everything is going to go as planned. Watch the new trailer below and tell us what you think. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Simon Pummell's Identicals, in high def from Apple: The organization Brand New-u identifies networks of Identicals—people who walk like you,

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