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Xuan Zang 2016: Trailer

Xuan Zang (2016)

Historical Drama

Xuan Zang is an Chinese-Indian historical adventure, Directed by “Huo Jianqi” and produced by “Wong Kar-wai“. The movie is based on Xuanzang’s seventeen-year journey to India during the Tang dynasty in the 7th Century.

Xuan Zang was a Chinese Buddhist monk, traveller, scholar and a translator, who described how China and India got in together, in the early Tang dynasty. Xuanzang’s book, “The Great Tang Records on the Western Regions”, is the longest and most detailed account of the countries of Central and South Asia. It also provided the inspiration for the novel “Journey to the West” written by Wu Cheng’en during the Ming dynasty, around nine centuries after Xuanzang’s death.

Xuan Zang stars Huang Xiaoming, Purba Rgyal, Kent Tong, Luo Jin, Xu Zheng and many more. Filming took place in many locations including, Turpan region, Changji, Altay, Aksu, Kashi and many areas of Gansu,

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