Newish to Watch at Home: Crimson Peak, Trumbo, Grandma, Etc.

Newish on DVD/BluRay

The 33 Antonio Banderas / Chilean miner rescue story

• 99 Homes the other acclaimed housing crisis movie

Black Mass the gangster movie with Johnny Depp, buried under alien makeup, plays a gangster. Watch out for great performances on the periphery from Peter Sarsgaard and Julianne Nicholson

Crimson Peak from Guillermo Del Toro. Critics were divided or had many reservations but those who loved it really loved it. Here's a rabidly pro piece nicely titled "Ghosts are Movies".

Lunchtime Poll:

Would you rather...

- Be seduced by Tom Hiddleston?

- Gain access to all of Mia Wasikowska's money?

- Marry into Jessica Chastain's family?

• Girls S4 -I've definitely lost track of this show. Weirdly I quit with an episode I couldn't have loved more (S3E7 "Beach House")

Grandma - Lily Tomlin gets her own well deserved star vehicle and drives it superbly

Love the Coopers -

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