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Western Sydney filmmaker Michal Imielski crowdfunds horror film Dead Sunrise

Dead Sunrise.

Dead Sunrise, a horror film about flesh eating children terrorising a group of lost teenagers at a secret facility, is the first feature from director Michal Imielski.

The film was made on a micro budget using emerging cast and crew, and written by Sydney boys Peter Maple and Imielski.

.It.s a real Parramatta/Sydney production., Imielski said..

.There.s so much talent here, it.s a real hub of creative people and the film really benefits from that..

The director is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to bankroll post.

.Horror is such a fan based genre, and the fans are very generous if they think you are doing something good"..

"We're crowdfunding the final phase of post production on the movie, not only so we can avoid the bureaucracy of government film funding but also to let the fans have a real connection to the film,

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