Thursdays’ best TV: Dickensian; Sea Cities; Big Dreams; Jericho; The Brain with David Eagleman

We sail into Liverpool, Dickens gets a further makeover, Monty Don performs some magic in gardens and there is a riveting reminder of how little we know about our own brains

Dickens delivered his stories in serial form, with their own cliffhangers, so it’s apt that the same technique is being used in this enjoyable series, which casts some of his major players in new storylines. Tonight, Stephen Rea continues to play Inspector Bucket like Patrick Malahide did Chisholm in Minder, as he investigates Jacob Marley’s murder. Try as Arthur might to dig for dirt on the handsome Compeyson, meanwhile, he keeps coming up empty-handed. Is he a true innocent or, as Havisham suspects, just a smooth criminal? John Robinson

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