Film Review: Reverent, Joyful & Inspirational Jesus in ‘Risen’

Chicago – I am a recovering Catholic, which I’ll tell you a million times – or maybe shortly after I meet you – and I have to say I had a well of nostalgia while experiencing “Risen,” the story of Jesus’s Resurrection and aftermath. It is enjoyable, in a strange way, for Christians and film fans alike.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

There is a lightness to the story, with a little historical re-creation thrown in for good measure. The Jerusalem of Christ’s time is portrayed with the dirt and grit of the age, which also lent an air of authenticity. It reminded me of the 48 hours after the John F. Kennedy assassination, in which the shock of the event reverberates like a wave. The intrigue of whether Jesus – called by his Hebrew name Yeshua in the film – was the true Messiah played right into into the I-wash-my-hands of those who were charged with nipping it in the bud.

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