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Hangman Review

Hangman may be just another down-and-dirty found footage flick at heart, but Adam Mason’s SXSW Midnighter turns the mundane format into a nightmarish invasion of privacy. His killer, whose calling card is that of a noose-tightener, plays the long game here. Action isn’t rushed and pacing is drawn out like taffy, but Mason’s meticulous dissection of a first-hand home invasion works where other equal efforts become dull and gimmicky. Families should feel safe together, but Hangman warps feelings of barricaded tranquility into voyeuristic naughtiness caught on the camera of a reckless stalker. He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, yet the “Hangman” is no Santa Claus – unless you consider backwash in your Oj a present.

Told through the eyes of a mask-wearing figure known as “Hangman” (Eric Michael Cole), we watch helplessly as the crazed psycho torments an unsuspecting family. Aaron (Jeremy Sisto

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