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The Garden's Magnus Temple talks fixed-rig factual and formats

24 Hours in A&E.

Factual powerhouse Magnus Temple is looking forward to the Australian International Documentary Conference, kicking off in Melbourne this Sunday.

"I'm interested in the Catfish session, but I'm not sure I'm going to get there in time", Temple told If on the line from London.

"I met up with those guys [Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier] in Denmark at the Copenhagen TV Festival in the summer, so it's good to see them on the program. And I'm looking forward to seeing Sherpa, which is co-produced by my friend John Smithson".

Temple will be in town to conduct a.masterclass.- "the story of some of the keys things I've been involved in".

They include the BAFTA-nominated The Family, the BAFTA-winning One Born Every Minute, 24 Hours in A&E and Keeping Britain Alive: One Day in the NHS.

Temple will talk about "how the shows came about, and whether there's a thread

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