Video Game Review – The Flame in the Flood

Ben Rayner reviews The Flame in the Flood…

Survival isn’t just a word to be banded about in order to make your next movie or game sequel sound more tense and gritty than it’s predecessor. Sure, that’s often how it’s used but it’s actually a skill to be taught, learned and mastered. It’s also an instinct to be nurtured.

This instinct is tough to master though and The Flame in the Flood has taught me that survival isn’t just down to the sure will of wanting to defy death and expire on your own terms, it comes down to smart thinking, forward planning and knowing not to f**k with a bear or wild boar if you aren’t suitably armed as that can only lead to scenes not too dissimilar to ‘that’ bear-rape from The Revenant and we all know how rough a ride that was.

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