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Secrets of the Sauna review – it's a bit like skiing, apparently

A frank portrayal of a previously secretive space for gay men. Plus! James Norton in his trunks in Grantchester.

Would Secrets of the Sauna (Channel 4) be classed as a fly-on-the-wall documentary? I think so. Though I’m not sure you would want to be a fly on the wall of the CS2 sauna in Nottingham. You’d probably get splatted by a glob of flying semen. What a way to go. I’d take being a spider, or the end of a chameleon’s tongue, all day long.

It’s down to CS2’s bathroom attendant James to clear everything up. James isn’t gay himself. “For some reason, I’ve got this massive problem with telling people that I work in a gay sauna,” he says – on television. Not any more you don’t, James. Getting rid of semen is a big part of James’s job, I’m afraid.

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