How Many of These Amazing Korean Action Films Have You Watched ?

1. Swordsman in the Twilight (1967)

Director: Chung Chang-Hwa

Cast: Nam Goong-Won, Yoon Jeong-Hee, Heo Jang-Kang

Best known for helming the Shaw Brothers film King Boxer (1972) a.k.a. Five Fingers of Death, which stands as one of the best cult films among Hong Kong martial art films, Director Chung pioneered in the genre of action films in Korean cinema. The film stepped into the spotlight at the Biff (Busan International Film Festival) in 2003.

In the reign of the king Sukjong, the new queen, Jang Hui-Bin ascends the throne. Oh Ki-Ryong, an ally of Jang, tyrannizes those who remain sympathetic to the old queen, Min. A lone swordsman, Kim Tae-Won appears and gets rid of the allies of Jang with a certain vengeance. He gradually unfolds his story in flashbacks.

2. The General’s Son (1990)

Director: Im Kwon-Taek

Cast: Park Sang‑Min, Shin Hyun‑Joon, Lee Il‑Jae

The first installment,

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