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Watch The Fabulous Full Trailer For Arild Frohlich's Grand Hotel

Despite a relatively short filmography, Norwegian helmer Arild Frohlich has become a great favorite in these parts. He got things kicked off with Fatso, an enormously transgressive - and hysterically funny - adaptation of a cult novel that manages to balance the base urges of its lead character with an underpinning humantiy before moving on to a pair of hugely successful adaptations of Jo Nesbo's Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder books. And for his latest effort Frolich pairs Dag actor Atle Antonsen as a writer with a raging alcohol problem alongside a young boy with Tourette's Syndrome. Grand Hotel is a warm comedy about a pompous, aging alcoholic and a tourettes-inflicted ten-year-old boy who are forced to spend a week together in a high-end hotel. The...

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