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Exclusive Q&A with Delta Green Writer/Editor Shane Ivey

Some believe it’s based on a terrifying truth, while others harbor the hope that it’s purely fiction, but what many can agree on is that for years the Delta Green role-playing game universe has offered endless hours of eerie entertainment. With a new wave of Delta Green projects now underway, Daily Dead recently caught up with Arc Dream Publishing co-founder and lead Delta Green editor Shane Ivey, who discussed the new RPG and much more in our latest (and in this case, Lovecraftian) Q&A feature.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Shane. For those that are unfamiliar, can you talk a little bit about Delta Green and its Lovecraftian history?

Shane Ivey: Delta Green was a secret unit that conducted psychological operations for the Office of Strategic Services in World War II. It was disbanded with the rest of the Oss after the war.

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