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The evolution of Spider-Man’s costume in films

Luke Owen looks a the history of Spider-Man in movies…

With Spider-Man currently leaping into headlines around the Internet following his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War [watch it here], a lot is being said about his costume. While it certainly evokes that Ditko style of the 1960s, there are some who think it’s the worst costume the character has ever worn. The animated eyes haven’t seemed to help matters [read the Flickering Myth reaction here].

So why don’t we take a trip down memory lane and look at other big-screen versions of your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man

1978’s Spider-Man Strikes Back

The above image is taken from a TV movie which span off from the 1977 TV series The Amazing Spider-Man. The pilot episode was released as a feature film, but several episodes of the shows were re-edited together to create Spider-Man Strikes Back (a full two years before The

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