Jake Oelman and Robert Oelman, 'Learning To See'

Jake Oelman and Robert Oelman, 'Learning To See'

Jake Oelman on his SXSW film about his father Robert, a former psychologist who left his life behind to move to Colombia where he spends his days photographing rare insects.

Jeremy Berkowitz hears about insects, the art of capturing nature, and what each man learned about the other in the process of making the film.

Submarine Entertainment represents worldwide sales to the Documentary Spotlight selection that premieres on Sunday.

I just wanted to say that since the film ended insects and their role in life has been on my mind.

Robert Oelman: We don’t think about insects. We don’t think about them except for the insects that come into our house and bother us. Every day some insect is trying to get my blood. So, I’m thinking about them. But the kind of insects you see in the photos are not those insects. They’re really from the deep jungle in the Amazon. It’s a

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