Main cast of omnibus film by Brillante Mendoza, Isao Yukisada and Sotho Kulikar is revealed

The Japan Foundation and the Tokyo International Film Festival (Tiff) announced the main cast for the omnibus film.

Launched in 2014 the Asian Three – Fold Mirror project aims to deepen interactions between neighboring countries within Asia, as well as enriching cultural understanding and providing chance for people to consider their identity and way of life as individuals in Asia.

Lou VelosoMasahiko TsugawaMasatoshi Nagase Sharifah Amani – Masaya Kayo – Chumvan Sodhachivy

The three Asian directors selected, Brillante Mendoza (Philippines), Isao Yukisa (Japan) and Sotho Kulikar (Cambodia) have selected their main cast to appear in their chapters. The acclaimed Filipino actor Lou Veloso will be starting in Mendoza’s episode. Two famous Japanese actors, Masahiko Tsugawa & Masatoshi Nagase along with the Malaysian actress Sharifah Amani will be starring in Yukisada’s chapter. Finally Japanese actor Masayo Kato and Cambodian actress Chumvan Sodhachivy will be appearing in the episode by Kulikar. The protagonist

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