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Vader To Induct Stan Hansen Into WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE have revealed that former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader will be the man to induct Stan Hansen into the WWE Hall Of Fame in Dallas next month.

The connection between the two grapplers is clear. Way back in February 1990, Vader fought Hansen at an Ajpw versus Njpw supercard show where Hansen inadvertently poked Vader’s eye out of its socket with his right thumb, after getting carried away during an exchange of stiff exchanges.

Incredibly, Vader would continue the contest after removing his own mask to push the eyeball back into its socket and holding it in place with his eyelid. The match would continue and eventually end in a no-contest, with Vader eating needing a metal place to be surgically placed under his eye.

Those old enough to remember it can remind themselves of the brutal match below…

For his achievements in wrestling all over the world,

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