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#ICastIt Marlee Roberts Casts Commitment

Little Miss Perfect” started out as a student project for Nyu, but with its powerful message, the feature film grew into a larger independent project. While filmmaker Marlee Roberts wrote the lead role, Belle, with her sister (actress Karlee Roberts) in mind, there were plenty of supporting roles to be cast. In addition to seeking agent and manager submissions, Roberts posted with various casting sites including a notice on looking for extras for a school scene. In the film, Belle strives for perfection and control which leads to some serious problems for the young teen. To create the character, Marlee observed her sister’s personality and interactions with friends: “Karlee has an innate sincerity and genuine sensitivity about her. She always tries to please those around her; disappointing people is her greatest fear. It reminded me a lot of Belle and I thought, if Karlee can relate to

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