Review: Dylan Kidd’s ‘Get A Job’ Starring Miles Teller, Bryan Cranston & Anna Kendrick

The regrettable new Dylan Kidd-helmed life-after-college and career prospectus comedy “Get A Job” is such a baffling endeavor the callow movie could conceivably come with its own milk carton campaign asking: “Where is Dylan Kidd and what have you done with him?” More than just “off brand,” the lamentable film — a sitcom-y mash of broad jokes, vulgar asides and juvenile scenarios — is shockingly devoid of the promise of his earlier works. The filmmaker behind the critically acclaimed indies “P.S.” (2004) and “Roger Dodger” (2002), (the latter of which helped launch the career of Jesse Eisenberg) both were sharp, observant and affecting efforts — “P.S.” examining the ache of lost loves, and “Roger Dodger” offering a caustically masculine look at male/female dynamics. Read More: The 20 Worst Films Of 2015 After these two rich efforts — both of which were invited to prestigious festivals like Telluride, Toronto and Venice — Kidd seemingly vanished. With only some.

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