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Former WWE Manager Will Induct Big Boss Man To Hall Of Fame

WWE have revealed that former wrestling manager Slick will be the man to induct The Big Boss Man into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

A memorable character from the 80s, Slick managed the Boss Man for his first couple of years in WWF. Nicknamed “The Doctor Of Style”, the storyline went that Slick brought the former corrections officer from Cobb County, Georgia to deliver hard times to the World Wrestling Federation.

After a successful run as a singles competitor, Slick would then pair Boss Man with Akeem to form the gigantic tag team, The Twin Towers. Their partnership would come to an end in 1990, when Slick attempted to sell the Boss Man’s services to The Million Dollar Man.

Also set to be inducted to the WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2016 this weekend are;

Sting – to be inducted By Ric Flair

The Godfather – to be inducted by

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