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‘Scream Park’ DVD Review

Stars: Nicole Beattie, Doug Bradley, Kailey Marie Harris, Dean Jacobs, Tyler Kale, Ian Lemmon, Alicia Marie Marcucci, Carrie Lee Martz, Nivek Ogre, Kyle Riordan, Steve Rudzinski, Wendy Wygant | Written and Directed by Cary Hill

The premise of Scream Park - a horror movie originally funded through Kickstarter – is that the Fright Land amusement park is on the verge of closing down for good. In a desperate move to pull in customers the owner Hyde (Doug Bradley) hires two maniacs to enter the park and murder the employees who have gathered to party.

Ok, let’s get this straight, I found that Scream Park somewhat of a mixed bag. With some questionable acting and a fairly basic story there are points that it did struggle and I found myself having to consider the fact that it was made on a small budget. Though Scream Park does have moments that redeem its weaker elements.

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