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Derek Landy interview: Skulduggery Pleasant, Demon Road




We chat to Skulduggery Pleasant author about the movie adaptation, new trilogy Demon Road, horror influences, Feminism and Doctor Who

Derek Landy is excited. Next week, he's going to see two of his favourite 80s films on the big screen for the first time. His publisher Harper Collins is hosting screenings of Joe Dante's Gremlins and Wes Craven's A Nightmare On Elm Street at London's Picturehouse Central (win tickets to both, here) for Landy's legion fans as part of the publicity circuit for book two of his Demon Road trilogy, Desolation.

Landy made his name in Young Adult fantasy with the nine-book Skulduggery Pleasant series about a skeleton detective and his teenage girl accomplice. The huge success of the first Skulduggery novel was a tornado that lifted him Dorothy-like straight out of his family's farm in Ireland and plonked him down in Hollywood where he

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