Would you pay for premium extras at the movies?

With a constant decline in cinema attendance in the last number of years, Cinemas are to start upping the ante by offering punters some serious, if not bizarre extras. A number of cinema chains have spent millions of dollars upgrading their audio / visual systems as well as doing a complete refurbishment with luxurious seating and providing patrons more leg room. While these upgrades have seen some chains attract more customers, the decline in cinema attendance is still on the slippery downhill slope. Today the C.O.F.A (Cinema Owners Federation of America) have announced that their members are to offer cinema goers a number of premium extras. C.O.F.A. CEO and founder Steven Lucas says “Our members have been listening to their customers and after 12 months of intensive surveys and focus groups, we feel premium extras are the way forward. It’s now more difficult to get

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