Interview: Actor Don Cheadle Discovers Himself ‘Miles Ahead’

Chicago – Like improvisational jazz, the performance career of Don Cheadle has many moods, directions and shadings. For his latest film, he takes on the titles of co-writer and director, along with the lead role of music legend Miles Davis. This all comes together is the aptly titled “Miles Ahead.”

Cheadle applies a different kind of music biography spin, with a centerpiece story about Davis that operates as a mythical framework for the musician’s life story, told in a loose flashback format. The cinematic structure is jazzy and kinetic, and it moves forward with an energy all of its own, driven by the frenetic soundtrack of the man himself. As a director, Cheadle has crafted something outside the norm, a visual blend that could be at home within the florid sweep of a Miles Davis composition.

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in ‘Miles Ahead

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Don Cheadle

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