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Star Wars Episode 8: what can we expect from Rian Johnson's film?




Director Rian Johnson continues the Star Wars saga next year. DC takes a look at Johnson's earlier films to see what we can expect...

Like or loathe The Force Awakens, there’s no denying that at its heart, it’s very much a Jj Abrams movie. There are aspects of film and TV production that Abrams is generally acknowledged to excel at; likewise, there are elements for which he has repeatedly faced criticism over the years (insert tired, de rigueur joke about lens flare here. If. You. Must.). He’s great at world building - perhaps the most important element in establishing a new Star Wars trilogy is, y’know, making it feel like Star Wars. Sounds simple enough on paper but in a post-prequel world, we all now recognise that this seemingly simple hurdle is actually anything but. That said, Abrams did do an admirable job

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