A Journey Begins in U.S. Trailer For Bi Gan’s Beautiful ‘Kaili Blues’

Winner of the Best Emerging Director and Best First Feature at Locarno International Film Festival, Bi Gan‘s Chinese drama Kaili Blues will finally land in U.S. theaters next month thanks to the newly launched Grasshopper Films. Telling the story of a doctor’s journey to find his brother’s abandoned child, it’s been praised for its beautiful cinematography and one can get a glimpse with a new U.S. trailer.

We said in our review from New Directors/New Films this year, “Like Kelly Reichardt or Tsai Ming-Liang, Bi finds a majestic intimacy and wonder in stillness. The camera will often languorously pan in a room, only to settle and observe some small action (e.g. women pouring boiling tea into a small kettle), or, in the most casually surrealistic moment, a projection of an upside-down train that appears to crash through a small apartment like Lumière in miniature.

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