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Califórnia at Tribeca

Team Experience is at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here's Manuel on "Califórnia".

California could very easily have been called "Diary of a Teenage Girl." In fact, Estela, the young Brazilian teen in the 1980s at the heart of Marina Person’s film, would get along swimmingly with Minnie Goetz. They share not only a passion for eclectic art (visual in Minnie’s case, musical in Estela’s) but also a growing awareness of their own body and their sexual desires. I hate opening reviews with comparisons like these but Person’s film works so much like a beautiful companion to that other coming of age tale that I wish I could’ve caught them back to back. They have plenty to say to one another about teenage girls, sex, and the ways we seek in artistic outlets as a way to make sense and escape our own lives. Scored by

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