Blu-ray Review – Speedy (1928)

Speedy, 1928.

Directed by Harold Lloyd.

Starring Harold Lloyd, Ann Christy, Babe Ruth, Brooks Benedict and Bert Woodruff.


Harold Lloyd is ‘Speedy’, keen to charm but a klutz in any job he’s in.

When you make a list of silent comedians, the three you would inevitably see are Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. Doc Brown imitates Lloyd in Back to the Future, clinging to the clocktower as Lloyd had years before, in Safety Last. Rather than deadpan delivery or a tiny moustache, Harold Lloyd’s trademark round glasses and goofball charm are what light up the screen. Speedy was his final silent movie, despite a successful run throughout the 1920’s. His character suited the era, and Speedy is no different, as his bespectacled hero is a keen job-seeker, struggling to maintain his current profession between his pratfalls and comedic mishaps.

The stage is set in New York,

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