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Hunting The Legend Part II Heads Into Production With A New Angle

Justin Steeley is returning to the backwoods of Alabama to look for Sasquatches. The multi-hyphenate filmmaker wrote us to say that he is prepping the followup to his 2014 found footage flick Hunting the Legend. According to the footage from “Hunting the Legend,” Chris, Hannah, Justin & Alex were killed on January 8th, 2013. Five days later, the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Department found their remains. Jeff Causey was determined “missing” and the “man in the cabin” was still at large. Part II unveils what happened to these two men. Looks like Steeley is taking the same approach that the Blair Witch franchise took after that first film changed the horror landscape. Hunting the Legend II will not be a found footage but a cinematic reimagining...

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