Yoo Ha’s A Dirty Carnival

Yoo Ha's A Dirty CarnivalSTORY80%ACTING75%DIRECTION80%VISUALS75%POSITIVESGreat presentation of the actual circumstances of the criminal worldGreat directionImpressive actingNegativesA little bit hyperbolic at times2016-05-1378%Overall ScoreReader Rating: (3 Votes)77%

Byung-doo is a low-level gangster who tries to take care of his few subordinates and his sick mother and smaller siblings. His financial situation is awful, with his family being on the threshold of eviction and his direct superior, named Sang-cheol, not caring for his problems. Having no other choice, he bypasses him and goes directly to the boss of the gang named Hwang, an act that leaves him with a mission to get rid of the district attorney Park, who is on the hunt for his boss. As his fate seems to change for the better, an old friend named Min-ho resurfaces, who has become a director and in his wish to shoot a gangster film, he wants information from actual professionals.

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