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Madeleine LeBeau obituary

Last surviving cast member of Casablanca who played Yvonne

The strong plot, the exotic setting, the quotable, piquant dialogue, the cherished performances from a magnificent cast and the emotional Max Steiner score – not forgetting Dooley Wilson as Sam playing As Time Goes By – have ensured that Casablanca (1942) remains the most popular film from Hollywood’s golden age. Madeleine LeBeau (sometimes credited as Lebeau), who has died aged 92, the last surviving member of the cast, was among those whom cinephiles have sanctified for her special connection with Casablanca. LeBeau played Yvonne, one of the many French refugees seeking solace in the Café Americain, run by Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), a cynical isolationist.

You must remember this … at the bar sits the attractive Yvonne, who has obviously been drowning her sorrows because Rick has jilted her. “Where were you last night?” she asks him as he passes by. “That’s so long ago,

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