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Garfield Is Getting a Fully CG-Animated Movie Reboot

Garfield Is Getting a Fully CG-Animated Movie Reboot

After two live-action/CGI comedy adventures, everyone's favorite cat Garfield is heading back to the big screen, only this time, the reboot will be a fully CG-animated movie. Alcon Entertainment made the announcement today after it secured the exclusive movie rights to the comic strip created by Jim Davis. Jim Davis is attached to the movie as an executive producer.

Alcon is hoping to launch a new CG-animated franchise based on the grumpy feline who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. No story details have been released at this time. And it's doubtful Bill Murray will return to reprise his voice role as Garfield.

The comedian and actor originally took on the role of Garfield in the 2004 movie, thinking it was written by one of the Coen brothers. He would return for the sequel Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties in 2006, though he was prone to bad mouthing the movie

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