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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 2 Review

Brad Cook reviews Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 2…

It’s been about eight months since Shout! Factory released Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 1, but they’ve finally revisited Rhino’s old sets with a re-release of the second volume in the series. Unfortunately, the bonus features only consist of Mst Hour wraps for the Cave Dwellers and Pod People episodes, which is a bummer, but perhaps sales of the first volume weren’t strong enough to warrant putting much money into this collection. (That could also explain the eight-month gap between releases.)

This set contains three episodes from the show, with the fourth disc assembling seven short films skewered during the series’ run. Tom Servo serves as host. Many of the shorts are from the 50s, a time when many adults seemed to think that creating goofy films about careers in the industrial arts and home economics was the

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