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Indigenous Stories Dominate Nominations for 3rd Annual Premios Platino of Iberoamerican Cinema

It's a well-known fact that Iberoamerican cinema, which includes Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese productions, has had a prominent presence at the most important international film festivals for several years now and several films have been recognized at some of the most important film awards around the world. Colombia's "Embrace of the Serpent" earning the country's first-ever Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film category and Argentina's "Wild Tales" taking home the 2016 BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in English Language are juts two examples of recent victories.

Acknowledging the need for a unified industry in the region and a platform for the Iberoamerican industry to honor and support its own productions, the Premios Platino of Iberoamerican Cinema were born three years ago. Each year the organizing committee selects a diverse group of nominees and invites members of the industry across the American continent and the Iberian peninsula to vote in order to select the winners. The ceremony takes place in a different country every year as a way to include all of the varied industries in the process and execution of the event.

This morning, after considering more than 150 films from a pool of over 800 theatrically releases productions, the final nominees were announced by a group of talented actors, including legendary Mexican-American thespian Edward James Olmos, and filmmakers led by CNN en Español's journalist Juan Carlos Arciniegas. Guatemala's Berlin-winning gem "Ixcanul" received 8 nominations, just as Colombia's Oscar-nominated "Embrace of the Serpent" did. These two gorgeously executed works center on indigenous stories and highlight the rich cultural heritage of Latin America. It's a pleasant surprise to see these two fantastic films get the most love.

Chile's "The Club" and Argentina's "The Clan," films by the two most prolific Pablos working in South America, Pablo Larrain and Pablo Trapero, received 6 nominations each. Larrain's dark tale about Catholic priests with questionable pasts was also nominated this year for a Golden Globe in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Perhaps one of the most surprising, yet well-deserved nominations, was the inclusion of Alonso Ruizpalacios among the Best Director nominees for his brilliant debut "Güeros."

Two films distributed by Pantelion received nomations: "600 Miles" and "Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos." Oscilloscope earned 10 mentions with properties "Ma Ma" and "Embrace of the Serpent." Kino Lorber's "Ixcanul, ""Güeros," and "The Pearl Button" also earned the art house distributor 10 nominations.

Regarding the quality of the films being produced in Iberoamerica Egeda's Elvi Cano said, “This has been an exceptional year for Iberoamerican Cinema, with 826 qualifying releases. Iberoamerican Cinema is alive, growing and stronger then ever.” Renowned journalist and host Juan Carlos Arciniegas added," These awards are starting a revolution and it's my dream, as an ambassador for Premios Platino, that these magnificent films that got nominated today to be seen by all our Iberoamerican audiences. I can't be more proud of what our filmmakers are doing today and if the public don't get to enjoy them, we won't be doing our job"

The 3rd Annual Premios Platino of Iberoamerican Cinema will take place on July 24th in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Here is the full list of nominees:

Premio Platino for Best Iberoamerican Picture

-"Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente), by Ciro Guerra (Ciudad Lunar Producciones, Caracol Cine, Dago García Producciones, Nortesur Producciones S.A., Mc Producciones, Buffalo Films) (Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina).

-"The Clan" (El clan), by Pablo Trapero (Kramer & Sigman Films, Matanza Cine S.R.L., El Deseo, P.C., S.A.) (Argentina, Spain).

-"The Club" (El club), by Pablo Larraín (Fabula Producciones) (Chile).

-"Ixcanul," by Jayro Bustamante (La Casa de Producción, Tu vas voir Productions) (Guatemala).

-"Truman," by Cesc Gay (Imposible Films S.L., Truman Film A.I.E., Bd Cine S.R.L) (Spain, Argentina).

Premio Platino for Best Director

-Alonso Ruizpalacios, for "Güeros."

-Cesc Gay, for "Truman."

-Ciro Guerra, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

Pablo Larraín, for "The Club" (El club).

Pablo Trapero, for "The Clan" (El clan).

Premio Platino for Best Actor

-Alfredo Castro, for "The Club" (El club).

-Damián Alcázar, for "Magallanes."

-Guillermo Francella, for "The Clan" (El clan).

-Javier Cámara, for "Truman."

-Ricardo Darín, for "Truman."

Premio Platino for Best Actress

-Antonia Zegers, for "The Club" (El club).

-Dolores Fonzi, for "Paulina."

-Elena Anaya, for "The Memory of Water" (La memoria del agua).

-Inma Cuesta, for "The Bride" (La novia).

-Penélope Cruz, for "Ma Ma."

Premio Platino for Best Original Score

-Alberto Iglesias, for "Ma Ma."

-Federico Jusid, for "Magallanes."

-Lucas Vidal, for "Nobody Wants the Night" (Nadie quiere la noche).

-Nascuy Linares, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

-Pascual Reyes, for "Ixcanul."

Premio Platino for Best Animated Feature Film

-"Capture the Flag" (Atrapa la bandera), by Enrique Gato (Telecinco Cinema S.A., Los Rockets La Película A.I.E., Telefónica Studios S.L.U., 4 Cats Pictures S.L., Ikiru Films S.L., Lightbox Animation Studios S.L.) (Spain).

-"Top Cat Begins" (Don Gato 2: El inicio de la pandilla), by Andrés Couturier (Anima Estudios) (Mexico).

-"El Americano", by Ricardo Arnaiz, Mike Kunkel (Olmos Productions, Phil Roman Entertainment, Animex) (Mexico).

-"Amila's Secret" (El secreto de Amila), by Gorka Vázquez (Baleuko, S.L., Talape Animazioa, Draftoon Animation) (Spain, Argentina).

-"Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-Cellent Adventure" (Un gallo con muchos huevos), by Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste, Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste (Huevocartoon Producciones) (Mexico).

Premio Platino for Best Documentary Feature Film

-"Beyond My Grandfather Allende" (Allende mi abuelo Allende), by Marcia Tambutti Allende (Errante Producciones Ltda, Martfilms) (Chile, Mexico).

-"New Girls 24 Hours" (Chicas nuevas 24 horas), by Mabel Lozano (Mafalda Entertainment, S.L., Aleph Media S.A., Puatarará Films, Hangar Films, Arte Vital) (Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru).

-"The Pearl Button" (El botón de nácar), by Patricio Guzmán (Atacama Productions, Valdivia Film, France 3 Cinema, Mediaproduccion, S.L.) (Chile, Spain).

-"Tea Time" (La once), by Maite Alberdi (Micromundo Producciones) (Chile).

-"The Propaganda Game," by Álvaro Longoria (Morena Films S. L.) (Spain).

Premio Platino for Best Screenplay

-Cesc Gay, Tomás Aragay, for "Truman."

-Ciro Guerra, Jacques Toulemonde, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

-Jayro Bustamante, for "Ixcanul."

-Pablo Larraín, Guillermo Calderón, Daniel Villalobos; for "The Club" (El club).

-Salvador del Solar, for "Magallanes."

Premio Platino for Best Iberoamerican Debut Feature Film

-"600 Miles" (600 Millas), by Gabriel Ripstein (Lucia Films) (Mexico).

- "Retribution" (El desconocido), by Dani de la Torre (Atresmedia Cine S. L., Vaca Films Studio, S.L.) (Spain).

-"The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime" (El patrón: radiografía de un crimen), by Sebastián Schindel (Magoya Films S.A., Estrella Films) (Argentina, Venezuela).

-"Ixcanul," by Jayro Bustamante (La Casa de Producción, Tu vas voir Productions) (Guatemala).

-"Magallanes," by Salvador del Solar (Péndulo Films, Tondero Producciones, Cepa Audiovisual S.R.L., Proyectil, Cinemara, Nephilim Producciones, S.L.) (Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Spain).

Premio Platino for Best Film Editing

-César Díaz, for "Ixcanul."

-Eric Williams, for "Magallanes."

-Etienne Boussac, Cristina Gallego, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

-Jorge Coira, for "Retribution" (El desconocido).

-Pablo Trapero, Alejandro Carrillo Penovi, for "The Clan" (El clan).

Premio Platino for Best Art Direction

-Angélica Perea, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

-Bruno Duarte, Artur Pinheiro, for "Arabian Nights: Vol.2 - The Desolate One" (As mil e uma noites: Volume 2, O desolado).

-Jesús Bosqued Maté, Pilar Quintana, for "The Bride" (La novia).

-Pilar Peredo, for "Ixcanul."

-Sebastián Orgambide, for "The Clan" (El clan).

Premio Platino for Best Cinematography

-Arnaldo Rodríguez, for "The Memory of Water" (La memoria del agua).

-David Gallego, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

-Luis Armando Arteaga, for "Ixcanul."

-Miguel Ángel Amoedo, for "The Bride" (La novia).

-Sergio Armstrong, for "The Club" (El club).

Premio Platino for Best Sound Direction

-Carlos García, Marco Salavarría, for "Embrace of the Serpent" (El abrazo de la serpiente).

-David Machado, Jaime Fernández, Nacho Arenas, for "Retribution" (El desconocido).

-Eduardo Cáceres, Julien Cloquet, for "Ixcanul."

-Federico Esquerro, Santiago Fumagalli, Edson Secco, for "Paulina."

-Vicente D’Elía, Leandro de Loredo, for "The Clan" (El clan).

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